How To Make 20% - 200% Returns Per Trade On AltCoins With The Krypton System

16 Year Veteran Stock Trader Cameron Fous Now Implementing his Strategies into Cryptocurrencies and is Crushing the Game with 20% - 200% Calls With This Strategy!

What Will You Learn?

  • How To Identify Trade opportunities Before anyone else
  • Learn the 4 Krypton Patterns That Bank 20% - 200%
  • Exactly When you should Buy And Sell For Maximum $$
  • ​Kryptonite Risk Management To Protect Your Profits
  • Access to Telegram Channel With Fous
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Is It Too Late To Trade Crypto? Did You Miss The Boat? 
Bitcoin Is At All time Highs... 
But there are 1000's of Alt Coins Just Starting to MOVE NOW.

While Bitcoin Might Take 1 Year to go from 30,000 to 60,000 & Double. Krypton Alt Coins can Make 20% - 200% Moves in 1 Day to 1 Week!

How It Started

XDGUSD Buy Signal .00495

How Its Going

XDG +120% Rip Within 2 Days

How It Started

DOTUSD Buy Signal 4.50

How Its Going

DOT +95% Rip Within 1 Week

How It Started

NANOUSD Buy Signal 1.16

How Its Going

NANO +68% Rip Within 1 Day

How It Started

UNIUSD Buy Signal 3.50

How Its Going

UNI +67% Rip Within 1 Week

I've Been Mastering Day Trading For 16 Years and Mentoring Trading Students Since 2008.

"I remember sitting in my car when i was 20 years old as a freshmen at OSU in 2005 and -$300 in my bank account. I had to do something now, not in 3 years when i graduated. I decided to sell my car and use the money to learn to trade. I understood i had to make a sacrifice today... if i wanted a better tomorrow. 

3 Years later in 2008? Rather than graduate my senior year... I dropped out to trade full time and start teaching people everything i had learned. The rest is history"

-Cameron Fous

The Life That Came Next Was Far Beyond My Wildest Dreams

"While I have Learned that materials do not buy happiness. I was able to experience buying all of my dream cars. And it was an amazing experience. I have since sold it all in favor or traveling and finding deeper purpose."

Freedom To Travel

"We are the only known planet in the universe that life exists. To not see and experience what the world has to offer and see it's beauty, culture, and people would be your greatest mistake in life.  Traveling has been the best educational and self development experience of my life.

Without my career in day trading. This would never had been possible for me to travel full time for 3 years and counting and now having an Amazing Villa In Bali"

-Cameron Fous

Becoming Iconic

After Creating Success Stories in the Stock Market for 16 Years. It's time i started creating Success Stories in the Cryptocurrency industry! 

Making $15,000 in 1 day is fun.. makes you feel good for about 24 hours. But what really gives me a sense of happiness and purpose is when a student messages me and says "Cam, you literally changed my life, I am forever grateful for everything you have taught me". 

Now that... is power. If i change someones life. They now have the confidence and power to change the lives of those they care about"

Why I'm Switching To Crypto After 16 Years In Stocks!?

The Invention of Crypto Is On Par to The Invention of the internet. it's New And the Opportunities are endless. And its Just Getting Started!


Let's ask the Audience

Here's Exactly How I Will Change Your Life

Success is not Luck or Hard Work... 

When You Master The System...

The System

After 16 years of trading, I have found out exactly what works and what does not. Traders lose because of emotions. When you systemize your strategy your win rate dramatically increases and the profits roll in!

Mindset Shift

What most people don't realize is that successful trading is mostly about mastering your mind and discipline. I've seen so many traders fail because they get emotionally attached to a trade and lose it all. I will teach you to be ice cold!

Mentors + network

Tony Robbins Said it best.."If you want to be successful at something, find someone who has already done it and learn exactly how they did it." Having a mentor is literally unlocking "God Mode" and takes out the guess work in life!

You Reap The Rewards!!


There is no other job that takes so little time to get such a high reward in return. With just a laptop you can work anywhere in the world that has a wifi or cell phone data connection. Not only that, You now have time to Explore other income Streams!


Once you master the craft of day trading and study your heart out. You literally have the potential to make your former monthly salary in 1 week. The first time you make $1,000 In a day changes your perspective on everything.

Purpose + Iconic

Becoming an Iconic trader puts you in position of power. Our trading community will look up to you. I personally will look up to you and be proud of you. Your sense of purpose, confidence, and happiness will boost and the people around you will be in envy.

The Worst Reaction is NO ACTION

How Much Longer Will You...
  • Continue feeling like your future has no hope?
  • ​​Stay Stuck in your current situation you KNOW you hate?
  • ​​​Not Have the Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms and Travel?
  • ​​Wake up everyday saddened by nothing to look forward to?
  • ​​Continue to Live With Daily FOMO "Everyone Else"
  • ​Continue Failing as a Day Trader and Never Find Consistency

Are You Finally Ready to Take Action?




  • How I Implemented 16 Years Of Trading Experience into Crypto
  • How To Setup Your Crypto Account and Best Trading Tools
  • Why Crypto Is The Best Opportunity of 2021 and The Future Of Finance
  • ​Understanding Technical Analysis and Trading Theory
  • ​Mastering The Kyrpton Patterns That Rip 20% - 200%
  • ​How To Find Krypton Patterns Before Anyone Else
  • ​How To Trade - When To Buy And When To Sell
  • ​Kryptonite Risk Management Tactics To Maximize Profits and Protect Your Capital
  • ​BONUS - 6 Hour Trading Psychology Course - CLOUD9

Whats Included In Krypton?


1. What If I Know Nothing About Crypto? 
Answer - You honestly don't need to know anything about crypto, You just need to understand Why prices move and how to identify them before they do. Markets are all the same and thats what i will teach you about. I'm not a crypto fanboy or Proclaimed Crypto expert. I'm a stone cold trader with 16 years of experience and i understand why prices move based on supply and demand and human emotion.

2. Can't I just find all this information for free on Youtube? Why Pay you?
You can certainly find a lot of amazing stuff on youtube i've learned a-lot about crypto on youtube. Like i said, if you want to know what bitcoin is , or how blockchain works, or wtf crypto even is. Theres lots of awesome free youtube videos explaining it. What i'm going to teach you is how to be a professional trader. What i can promise is that my 16 years of trading experience is not being shared on youtube. 

2. How Much Money Do I Need To Open A Crypto Trading Account?
For most brokers and the ones i recommend you can open an account with just $5 even. But i would recommend minimum $200. Ideally $ 2000 - 5000+

3. How long before i become a pro like you and dish out Fomo on my Gram making bank! 
LOL... I'm not going to lie, trading is hard, and it takes time and practice to get good. The Krypton Course will teach you all the EXACT principles, methodologies, and theories i use and have been using for 16 years. But that doesn’t make you personally a pro trader by any means overnight. That will only come with time and practice of the things i teach you.

What if i lose all my money? Can we fight?
I mean sure we can fight if you want, But i grew up getting in fights and i'll headbutt the sh*t out of you square in the nose while we're wrapped up and you don't think i have a punch to throw (this was my signature move). LOL, but this is trading, it's risky, and people get emotional and make mistakes and hold onto losing positions for too long. You should never risk money you can't afford to lose. What i can promise is that my course will 10x your chances at becoming successful.

Can you coach me 1 on 1? 
I'm introverted af the last thing i want to do is have someone breathing down my neck about trading. I already have to deal with friends and family trying to get that from me for free and waste my time haha. Trading is a personal solo journey, the more people distracted you are the worse trader you are going to be. This is exactly why i sell a course, So i can get all my thoughts and theories out without having to repeat myself 1000 times over i would go crazy. Being part of a trading community is a must though because trading is lonely. But once your trade is opened, we are all at war competing for the best prices and its every man for himself. 

Can i just STFU up and hit the buy button already?
WOW i though you would never ask :)  Why yes my friend you can, The sign up button is just below here... Let's go! 

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